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Attn. all former Post14 Players: We're trying to update the website. We would appreciate any pictures, especially team photos.  The last one we have is 2009. Please email any that you have to bcllchamps6773@yahoo.com.


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                The new legion field at Memorial Park

Here are some photos from the 2009 tryouts.

                               The manager, John Gallello approaches the dugout.

                                           Coach Moses approaches the dugout.

                                                         The field from Center.

Concerned parents gather on the third base line.  They were told that Gallello wouldn't eat their child, but would lock them up if they misbehaved.

                                                               Inside the dugout

                                                                      In the cage

                                             John and Totes watch batting practice.

                        Players engage in pepper while awaiting their turn in the cage.

                                                                 More BP.

                            Tom Conroy and Joe McSweeney watch batting practice.

                                                                More BP.

                                     Totes, Peter Schneider, and Joe McSweeney.


                                      This website is dedicated in memory of

                                                        Gert McSweeney


Gert McSweeney, and husband Joe, (pictured above), started out with John Gallello, the current manager of the Legion Team, in 1981 when John was the manager of the Needham West Little League Red Sox. Gert was at all of the games, often keeping score, and offering John timely advice such as, when to take a pitcher out, where to play a kid, or just how to run the club. When John moved up to manage the Legion Team the McSweeney's went with him. Gert and Joe ran the concession stand at Memorial Park for the Legion Team. Gert continued to offer John advice, yelling from the concession stand. Sometimes, when she got mad enough she would go out to the fence and advise John from there. When John got T-shirts for the team he asked Gert what number she wanted. She said number 3. That's what she got and no one else was allowed to wear that number. Before Gert passed away she requested that in lieu of flowers she wanted donations to go to funding the Legion Team. There were so many donations that John got new game jerseys for the team. Each jersey is adorned with Gert's initials on the sleeve, and the number 3 is retired. Gert's game jersey was framed, enclosed in glass, and is displayed at Joe's home. John established the Gert McSweeney Memorial Scholarship Fund. Each year two scholarships are awarded to two players who played Needham Summer Baseball and/or Needham Legion Baseball. In spirit Gert is still at every game because John wears the number 3 T-shirt under his uniform jersey. John says, "I can't play without her."

          On Monday May 25th, 2009 the Jamaica Plain Legion Team visited Memorial Park to play the Needham Post 14 prospective team in a scrimmage game.  Jamaica Plain won 6-4.  The final roster for the Needham Post 14, 2009 team was decided.  Here are 3 pictures from the contest. 

          The Needham dugout on the third base side.

   Starting pitcher Tucker Healy delivers for Needham

                         Matt Dunn delivers a pitch